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I was born in Hull (East Yorkshire, England)  as the storm clouds gathered for World War 2, within earshot of (the old) Craven Park - first home of Hull K.R. (Rugby League). Attended Malet Lambert High School there 1944-1949 (same class as the late Jean Rook, of Fleet Street fame).

Lived in Leicester 1959-1964 (where married Bridget - Essex gal), Congleton, Cheshire, 1964-1968. Lived in Hampshire since 1968, partly in Surrey since 2006. Three sons: (1) Head Chef in Kent (2) Engineering Manager, (Ph.D in) low-temperature devices (3) Ph.D. in Computer Science. Wife suffered from secondary breast cancer from 10/95; died 7/98.

Worked on software from 1959 - first with English Electric, Whetstone (Leicester) ( See DEUCE web site) - where I implemented the run-time phase of the Randell-Russell ALGOL- 60 implementation on DEUCE, which was the commercial version of ACE  (the first stored-program (with self-modifying capability) computer whose builders included Alan Turing (who designed the programming technique that carried forward into DEUCE)).
    In 1964 I moved to the English Electric branch at Kidsgrove (N.Staffs), where I joined in the ALGOL-60 implementation on the EELM KDF9 before leading the team that implemented Compact COBOL on the EELM system 4-30, later becoming Chief Programmer - Languages.

From 1968-1989 I worked at IBM (Hursley), representing the company as a member of the European ECMA/TC10 committee standardising PL/I until 1973, during which time I was also editor of the draft PL/I standard.
    Wrote a demonstration graphics editor for the IBM 3277GA vector-graphics display. Developed improved approach to facilities on displays for the right-to-left languages Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew. For many years used the IBM internal network for E-mail and conferencing, and authored several internal VM/CMS tools in spare time - mainly XEDIT macros (e.g. BOXES) & Execs, all written in REXX.

IBM assignments in France (La Gaude) 1980-1981, and USA 1986-1987 (Kingston NY & Raleigh (RTP) NC).    Took early retirement from IBM Hursley 12/89.

Was in the RAF 1951-1953, at the Records Office, Gloucester - where I played cricket for Gloucester Civil Servants, and later on for Leicester Pilgrims, Romsey Town, and IBM Hursley, as fast bowler (latterly spin) and tail-end slogger.

Interests: In earlier years: Cricket, tennis, badminton, snooker, rambling., caravanning (especially in France) 1970-1995, latterly with '94 Lunar Clubman 460EK & Citroen Xantia SX 2.0.
Now:  just walking, photography, crosswords, alpha puzzles, Sudoku. Moderator of the CIX 'caravanning', 'kedit', and 'exibmers' conferences.

In the decade after 1998 I went on walking holidays to such places as the Canaries (Tenerife and La Gomera), Tuscany, Bay of Naples, Andalucia, Picos de Europa, Quatretondeta, Alassio, Les Diablerets, Meyrhofen, Poland (Zakopane, Tatras), Provence (L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue), St.Bonnet, Bagneres de Bigorre, and Tavira (Algarve).

Using: PCSpecialist desktop (Intel Core2 Quad Q8300 (2.50GHz), 8GB RAM, nVidia GEForce GTS250 graphics, Viewsonic 22" HDMI monitor, 2 x  640GB Western Digital SATA HDD's, LG DVD ROM & R/+RW DVD writer, HP 5520 USB2 Deskjet, Netgear DG834G broadband router,  Buffalo 1TB and Freecom 250GB USB2 external hard drives).

Since changing from OS/2 'Warp' to Linux in 2004, am now running Mageia-5 (previously SuSE 9.0 Pro and Mandriva 2007-10), using KDE desktop, Firefox browser, Pan newsreader, VirtualBox (under which  run Windows XP guest running AMEOL and Quicken98), etc.  Once a year I use the pre-loaded Windows 7 to make a family DVD, using Pinnacle Studio 14.

Have been using the CIX 'conferencing' system since August 1991, and Eurobell as general ISP  for several years – until it closed down on 28/2/2006.
    First broadband ISP was Entanet in 7/2007; now with ICUK's ADSLMax service (from April 2011).

Fellow of the British Computing Society.                  Registered Linux User #487649

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Zodiac: Taurus